Please read our rules and policies.
If you have any questions or need any clarifications on anything in our Rules and F.A.Q., please Contact Us!

We will try to work with you to resolve any issues outside of what is covered here. Rules and policies may change at our discretion, dependent upon circumstances. The campground assumes no responsibility for loss or damage through fire, theft, collision or otherwise; including moving of trailers with camp equipment.


Red Eagle is privately owned and the Management reserves the right to refuse service to anyone at any time. 

Trailer Sales2018-10-30T19:01:20+00:00
  • All trailer sales within Red Eagle will be handled by the Camp Management.
  • No “For Sale” signs are to be posted anywhere in the park, on trailers or site.
  • Site fees must be paid in full and current prior to listing.
  • No trailer over 20 years of age may be sold in the park.
  • All new prospective trailer owners must be approved by the Management and related fee paid.
  • Any and all trailer sale is subject to a 7 %  fee, payable to Red Eagle Management, regardless of who completed the sale.
Noise & Disturbances2018-10-30T18:57:26+00:00
  • Noise that might disturb others will not be permitted at any time.
  • Excessive drinking or profane language will not be tolerated
  • Music must be kept at a reasonable level at all times.
  • Quiet time is 11 pm to 8 am. During this time, please respect your neighbors and the Camp’s “Quiet Time” policy.
  • Anyone causing a disturbance or using excessively foul language will be evicted immediately
  • Firearms, air guns, slingshots and FIREWORKS are not allowed in park.
Outbuildings & Fences2018-10-30T19:28:37+00:00
  • Add-a-room and storage sheds must be commercially fabricated and approved by the Management.
  • All 12-ft. wide trailers, Florida rooms, permanent awnings & screened enclosures must be purchased through the Red Eagle.
  • Only manufactured trailer awnings are permitted
  • All construction has to be approved by the Management to avoid any license issues, and/or to avoid possible damage to underground wires or pipes.
  • Only one tent & one manufactured metal shed (no larger than 60 sq.ft) is permitted per camp site in a Management approved location.
  • All outside refrigerators must be enclosed in locked aluminum sheds.
  • Fences are not allowed, except for corner sites or where cutting through sites is a problem. Management must approve all fences.
  • Decks are permitted with a maximum height of 36 inches for railings.
  • Homemade structures of any kind are not permitted.
  • Insurance policies should cover the whole year for protection against damage to trailers during the off season.
  • Docks on waterfront sites are to be in good, safe repair.
Recreational Vehicles2018-10-30T19:07:55+00:00
  • All ATV’s, golf carts, motorized bikes, vehicles & recreational trailers must be insured and registered with the Camp.
  • Helmets MUST be worn while on ATVs. Children under 18 years of age must wear helmets while on bicycles.
  • All children MUST be accompanied by a parent while driving golf carts etc or playing/swimming on camp premises and is the responsibility of the adult accompanying them.
  • No riding bicycles or driving golf carts or other utility vehicles is allowed after dark. **
  • Absolutely NO racing of any kind is allowed in the Camp.
  • No motorized vehicle of any kind is allowed to be driven on the beach or playground areas.
  • Speed limit Is 8 km/h.
  • Boats are not permitted near the swimming area. *
  • Water skiing is not permitted near the swimming area, from the swimming raft or docks. **Docks are privately leased & not to be used without permission.
    **Management reserves the right to patrol on bicycle in the dark.
  • No two families can own the same trailer unless park fees determined by the Management are paid by both families.
  • Subletting is not permitted
  • Only one tent is allowed per site.
  • Security gate cards are available for a small refundable deposit. Cards will be revoked if used by unregistered guests.
  • Do not take shortcuts through campsites.
  • Access to the beach is ‘in front or back of the store.
Site Maintenance2018-10-30T19:12:05+00:00
  • Camping site must be maintained and kept clean by campers. Charges will apply if we (Red Eagle) have to do it for you.
  • Garbage is to be secured in plastic bags & placed in the container provided. This container is for household Garbage only.
  • No garbage from outside Red Eagle is permitted in Red Eagle bins. (ie. Bringing garbage from a municipality that charges for garbage disposal is not permitted.)
    • NO LITTERING is permitted!
    • Put bagged household garbage in CLEAR bags and deposit in the garbage bin.
    • Please recycle items in their proper bins.
    • All other household items must be taken directly to the township dump.
    • Please do your part to keep garbage in it’s correct place. Violators will be evicted!
  • Trees or shrubs may not be cut without management approval.
  • Sites must be kept neat & clean at all times.
  • Empty bottles and cases, etc. are to be out of sight.
  • Unsightly building materials, skids, furniture, etc. shall not be stored on site.
  • Woodpiles shall be small & neatly kept.
  • Posts & signs are not to be painted or altered in any way.
  • Campsite must be cleaned up prior to departing.
  • Campers are responsible for maintaining the grass on their sites. If management deems grass cutting is necessary, management will do so & charge $10.00 per cut.
  • All visitors must report to Office immediately upon arrival and pay the appropriate fees.
  • Anyone over the age of 18, regardless of relationship (ie: son, daughter etc), is considered a Visitor.
  • Visitors should arrive before 8 pm. & Day visitors must be out of the Camp by 11pm.
  • Overnight visitors must inform Office of intent to stay before 8pm.
  • Management reserves the right to limit visitors.
  • Campers are responsible for visitors and their conduct.
  • A Visitor Pass is only valid if the trailer owner is present, otherwise the daily camping fee (subletting) will apply.
  • A Visitor Charge will be added to your account if it is found that your visitor did not pay.
  • Visitor’s cars must be kept in the designated parking areas.
  • Visitors may NOT bring pets.
  • Any visitors assisting campers in seasonal site set up are subject to regular camping rates.

In order to ensure that you have a memorable camping experience, and for the benefit of all of our campers, we have found it necessary to implement a pet policy. We understand your pet is part of your family and we welcome your pet as long as the following policies are respected and followed. If you do not comply with all policies below, we will be forced to evict you immediately without a refund. These Pet Policies are Strictly Enforced!

  • dogs Pet(s) may not be left unattended anywhere, at any time, this includes your trailer.
  • All vaccination papers must be present at registration.
  • Pet(s) must be on a leash at ALL TIMES and on your own lot.
  • Pet(s) must be walked/supervised by a responsible person. Children under 13 years old are not allowed to walk dogs.
  • Pet(s) will not be brought to the Beach, playground, swimming area or in any of the buildings.
  • Pet(s) must be cleaned up after with the proper equipment and disposed of properly.
  • Pet(s) will not be allowed to disturb your neighbors in any manner and MUST be kept quiet.


  • Any cheques returned from the bank are subject to a $50 charge
  • A Late Fee of $50 per month will apply if payment is not made by the payment due dates in February & May.
  • The seasonal Club Membership Contract MUST be renewed and a deposit for the following year is required by October 1st of each year.
  • If deposit payment isn’t received by October 1st, the site is considered to be open for the next year & the trailer may be removed at owner’s risk  & cost.
  • Management MUST be notified before October 1st if you decide NOT to stay for the next camping season.
  • If there is no notification of vacancy given, a $300 storage fee will apply after Thanksgiving.
  • Half of the camping membership fee is due on February 1st and the balance of that fee is due May 1st of that same year.
  • Absolutely No Refunds
  • Trailer owner(s) is responsible for any action/damage and the safety of their children & Visitors.
  • Play & swim at your own risk. There is no Lifeguard on duty & Red Eagle and it’s representatives assume no responsibility for loss or damage of any kind.
  • Campers/Trailer Owners are responsible to pay any applicable taxes and government charges.
  • Children are entirely the responsibility of the parents and must obey all camp policies and safety rules.
  • Teenagers must be onsite or in company of parent by 11pm.

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Fantastic Family-Friendly Cottages/Campground!

We stayed in the 2 bdrm cabin this August and we had no complaints about the cabin or the Campground! The cabin looks, smells and feels new and has been kept up impeccably. The air conditioning was a lovely bonus on a hot August week. Not all of their rental cabins have a/c so we were lucky ours did. The kitchen has everything you need to cook and serve food. Everything is thoughtfully laid out and decorated in a small space. The lake is a few steps away from the cabin – the view from the cabin in the morning is great.

The 3 bdrm and 1 bdrm cabins have the best views of the lake as they’re directly in front of it. The beach is kept very clean and is pet-free (which I appreciate); the lake is beautiful and very clean and they have some fun water slides, a trampoline, and a jungle gym for the more adventurous. There’s a little playscape for kids – our 6 yr old loved it. Another favourite part was their Kawartha Dairy ice cream bar! We went on most days for a scoop of ice cream or a slushie. What a treat! They also have laundry facilities right by the rental cabins. The closest major town is Bancroft, which is a 25 min drive. They have a No Frills for your groceries. We hope to be back soon! Thanks for a lovely stay Red Eagle!

PBMax, Toronto, ON

Great Place To Own A Trailer In

My husband, myself and our 9 year old son decided to buy a trailer here this past May. We have a an amazing first summer here. The people are great. The owners Karen and Chris are awesome! There is always something to do here, every weekend is jam packed with things for the campers young and old. The park is pet friendly which is great. It’s kept quiet at night, so you don’t have to worry about be kept up all night.

The beach is great for kids with many water toys, lots of different water toys that can be rented for a great price and the store always has many kinds of ice cream. The lake is full of fish, lots of pike, bass, Lake trout and lots of other kinds. Great fishing!! This is a wonderful family campground to visit or own in.
We are very happy to be here!

Jennifer N., Baltimore, Canada

Great Family Atmosphere

This was our first visit to the Red Eagle Campground. Only going by the pictures on their website we were a little nervous of what we would actually find when we got there. We were thrilled! We rented their 3bdrm cottage, which had 2 queen beds 1 double and a set of bunk beds – plenty of room for 8 people. The cottage was very well stocked with small appliances, cookware and dishes, a full stove/oven, a gas bbq and a perfect view of their private sandy beach. The water on Lake Wollaston is clear and Red Eagle keeps their swimming area clean. 

There are plenty of inflatable water toys for kids and adults.to use and they have rentals of paddle boat, kayak, paddle board and waterbike …all very reasonable at only $5 /hr. We appreciated the laundry center they had, which was bright and clean and only cost $2/load. Their recreation center has activities planned throughout the summer for the families. If you like derbys and fairs, Coe Hill is a short drive up the street and they held their annual fair during the time we were there at the end if August. Only 30 minutes away is Bancroft, a beautiful little town surrounded by lakes, greenery and rocks. The family atmosphere, the cleanliness of the park, definitely their ice cream, and the cottage itself made this one of the best summer vacation spots for our family so far!

Lynette123, Hamilton, ON

Great place for Families

My husband and I as well as our 2 children (first time aged 3 & 8) have been here 2 times now. Each time in early-mid July. After our first time here we were hooked. This is a campground where most of the guests own a trailer or RV on a lot. There are no tent lots but each lot is allowed to have a tent pitched if they desire. If you don’t own a trailer/RV there is a 1 BDRM cottage, a 3 BDRM cottage and a 2 BDRM RV available to rent.The first stay we rented the 2 Bedroom RV for 7 days. The next year we stayed for 3 extra days so 10 days.

We tried to extend while we were there but they had already booked another family. The RV is amazing. Tons of Storage/closet space and quite spacious. Beautifully furnished with modern kitchen and furniture. The RV is looking right onto the lake and has a great sized deck for BBQ and outside meals. The kids have a blast meeting new children and playing at the park. They absolutely love the beach, with it’s water trampoline, slide and ice berg climber. They are almost always in the water!! The atmosphere is great with friendly neighbors (most of whom own their trailers as only the RV and 2 cottages are for rent). A good sense of community. Red Eagle has themes every week and activities such as volleyball, horseshoes, Bingo nights, dance party, comical hypnotist and more. The staff are friendly and I especially like Red Eagles owner’s daughters who work and chip in for their family business with a good attitude and they seem to enjoy it. Snack shop is great for necessities and snacks such as kawartha dairy ice cream. yum! There are paths and trails for bike riding and you cant beat the fresh air and night stars and campfires. Great family atmosphere day and night as there is a keep it down policy at night (not a place where teens can camp and party) The campground is located in the very small town of Coe Hill. Not much there but Bancroft is just a 25-30 min. drive. It is not a resort so no housekeeping (although if I could make a suggestion that would be nice) and no supervised programs for children or anything like that. It would be nice if they had these things as with young children it can be hard to relax as you must always be ensuring their safety (in the water ect.) but again this is not a resort, only a campground. I also would enjoy more activities or at least more often then there is currently. I think this would help everyone to get to know each other and have Red Eagle be a little more social for those who are very sociable.The only other downfall in my opinion is that the lake is a bit over-fished and after the beach/swim area there is lots of seaweed. Definitely not a muskoka waterfront but it is fine for cooling off and taking a swim. Overall this place is one of a kind for a family campground. We feel “red eagle home sick” immediately after leaving and look forwards to coming back the next summer as soon as we leave. For a northern Ontario, relaxing and fun vacation this place is great!

SharlaW, Markham, ON

Lovely Weekend!

Staff is very friendly!

Room was comfortable and clean with a nice view of the lake.

We can’t wait to return!

Kathy, Whitby, ON

Great experience!

We will definitely come back!

If you are in the Coe Hill area Red Eagle is a great place to stay!

Omer, Ontario, Canada