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Nestled between Wollaston Lake and Deer River, Red Eagle Family Campground was established on Wollaston Lake in 1937. This campground has been in the Challinor family for over 45 years & going on 3 generations.

Your Hosts, Karen, Chris, Brittany, Justin & family are active in their community and industry as well as being highly involved in tourism and economic development. They sit on various boards and committees, offering valuable real-life feedback to the municipality, the county, tourism organizations and the province.

We sponsor the Coe Hill Fair, the Coe Hill Legion, Old Hastings Snow Riders and the Coe Hill ATV Club. We support the local business association and the chamber. We support several of our local lake associations as well.

You have to support your community and shop locally. You get what you give.

All of our guests are seasonal; meaning that each family that stays at Red Eagle, stays for the full summer.

Everyone knows each other and some of our guests even spend holidays and trips together in the off season.

We have even seen young guests meet, fall in love, get married and come back to Red Eagle with families of their own.

At Red Eagle, every weekend seems like a homecoming!

Your neighbors will quickly become your friends & you`ll feel as though transported back in time to the days when a neighbour cut your lawn or simply, helped out, because that`s just the way things are around here. Families for generations have returned to spend their summer vacations and our policies are designed with only one thing in mind, ensuring maximum enjoyment on your family holiday.

Red Eagle Camp Ground and Waterfront RV Park in Coe Hill Ontario Canada

We offer cottage, cabin and RV rentals as well as pre-loved trailers.

Red Eagle is also proud to offer General Coach Products exclusively in our Park & we can assure you that you`ll never regret buying quality.

Ask us about financing options and remember to take a look at our three season room and hardtop awnings available.

The Red Eagle Family Campground provides a natural environment to promote a relaxed family atmosphere.

We have a clean, sandy beach where little tots can enjoy and a swimming raft, water trampoline & water slide for the more adventurous swimmers.

Our Recreation Program has a variety of activities including Christmas in July, Halloween in August, Sandy Beach Volleyball, Horseshoe Tournaments, Family Fun Relays and Western Weekend.

Every weekend in July and August has a different set of events for all ages to join in the fun, or you can sit back & just relax.

The village of Coe Hill is only a kilometre away and offers friendly services at all of it’s stores.

Offering a local general store, LCBO, library, cafes & churches among others. Hikers & mountain bikers enjoy our community’s recreational trails or you can visit “The Gut” Conservation Area, where picturesque waterfalls are a must to see. ATV enthusiasts can ride local area trails for miles & never see the same place twice.



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